After sleeping in a Marriott bed, and experiencing the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a very long time, I was sold.  From that day forward I only wanted to stay at a Marriott Brand Hotel.  

Marriott Brand Hotels are a winning combination of luxury, beautiful design and outstanding service. They include well known hotels like The Ritz-Carlton,  JW Hotels, and of course Marriott Hotels which are among the best hotels in the world.

That restful night was when I decided to sign up for the Marriott Loyalty Rewards program, a free membership that gives frequent travelers points for every mile traveled and every dollar spent on a room at their hotels. Points can be used to do things like upgrade to a better room or even rent a car.

Since then I’ve experienced the perks of membership first hand and because I’ve enjoyed them so much I’ve been loyal to Marriott Brand Hotels ever since.

Over the years my family and I stayed in different hotels as we traveled – basically wherever we could get a deal or cheap rate.  We only had basic rooms in those hotels and had never received any benefits or special privileges.

One day, while driving my daughter back to school, I made an announcement to my husband and daughter that I had just gone online and signed up for the free Marriott Loyalty Rewards program. You would have thought I told the funniest joke in the world.  They both laughed at me and were taking bets to see how many years it would take for me to get a free room or any perks for that matter.  

We had never heard of rewards cards and it was my first time applying for one, so they were not convinced that I would ever receive perks.  Now, the joke is on them.  Ha!  People are asking ME for advice on how to get free stays, upgrades, and even free food. We either get a free upgrade or a free stay on every trip we take.

Since I’m a Gold Elite member we’re automatically placed on the executive lounge floor with access to free food, snacks, drinks, and breakfast for two whether it’s a paid or free stay.  I actually have a free room in my account right now just waiting for us to book.  

You can start using your perks right away too. There are no hidden charges, no membership fees, or blackout dates.  I often break down the details to my family and friends, who ask me to explain the easy way to travel for free.   I wish someone would have given me the scoop years ago when we were traveling as a family.

Check here  – How to apply  for the FREE Marriott Rewards card 


Being loyal to a chain of hotels that offers exceptional benefits and perks to its customers can transform the way your travel. Free upgrades, delicious meals and free stays have convinced me that Marriott Brand Hotels are the only hotels for us.

Are you a Marriott Rewards Member or a member of another hotel chain’s rewards program?  Let’s chat.  Please comment below. 

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