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Panama Takeover 2024!

The 3rd annual Dragonfly Lounge takeover is another amazing, adult-only experience that we have designed just for YOU!

We’ve decided to try something different so we choose the unique destination of Panama, where you can experience beaches, rainforest, mountains and city—all from The Westin Playa Bonita Panama.  The resort is located on Playa Bonita, 35 minutes from the Panama airport and the closest beach to Panama City.

The resort is not adults only, however, you must be 25 or over and you must reserve your package with Caribbean Travel Queen to attend our Event! Our private events/wristbands are not for sale, they are exclusively for Dragonfly booked Guests ONLY! 

What’s included in this trip:

  • Roundtrip shared ground transportation to/from the Resort IS INCLUDED ( If you want PRIVATE LUXURY TRANSPORTATION)  it’s available $150.00 per person up to 4 people)  If you extend your stay you are REQUIRED to book the private transportation.
  • Choice of all-inclusive lodging Tropical Rainforest View or Upgraded ocean view accommodations 
  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Buffet Dining) 6 Al la Carte restaurants at specific hours of operation, including a 24 hour restaurant and poolside snacks daily.
  • Unlimited Premium Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages at any restaurant and 4 bars on the property.
  • Basic in room mini bar with 2 local beers, 2 sodas and 2 waters.  Replenished when needed.
  • All Dragonfly group activities at the Resort
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Wireless internet
  • Food and Beverages taxes and Gratuities**

**While gratuities are included in your package price, you should consider having small bills ($1, $5, $10) on hand to tip airport employees, shuttle drivers and anyone you feel has provided exceptional service to you during your stay. The resort require a credit card deposit of $200.00 at check in. The deposit will be refunded to your card at checkout.

What’s NOT included in this trip:

  • Airfare is NOT included and must be purchased directly from an airline of your choosing.  The airport code in Panama City is PTY.  You are required to provide your flight details via email at least 1 month prior to the departure date. The transportation is ONLY for the dates that are booked with us.  Failure to provide your flight details by the due date will result in forfeiting your ground transportation and will be strictly enforced for this trip.  
  • Private transportation is NOT included and is an additional $150 per vehicle for 1 to max 4 passengers on the same flight and must be reserved at the time of booking.
  • Travel insurance is Not included – You can choose to purchase external travel insurance to protect your investment.  Our trip is 100% NON refundable for ANY reason.
  • Room Service is Not included 
  • Spa Service is Not included
  • OPTIONAL excursions are Not included
  • Items of a personal nature, souvenirs are not included
  • Credit card transaction fees are Not included. There is a mandatory credit card transaction fee charged to your card each month that your payment is processed.  This credit card processing fee is not from Caribbean Travel Queen, it is directly from the credit card processing company. If you choose to pay in full at the time of booking, the credit card processing fee will be waived and refunded back to you. This fee is only waived if you pay in full at the time of booking only.

Our Itinerary**

  • August 2: Private Check-in. Welcome Arrival and check in at the resort. Check-In Time: 3pm, Dinner at leisure.
  • August 2: Meet & Greet -All White Party.  7pm-11pm Location: Westin Plaza
  • August 3: Neon pool party and Spades Tournaments : Time: 12:00 noon to 3:00pm  Location: Oceanica Pool. Dress: Neon  swim wear, Dinner at leisure. 
  • August 3: Evening  Comedy/Talent showcase and after party 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm.  Cash Prize! Location: TBD
  • August 4: Praise & Worship  9:00 am to 10:00 am Location: Oceanica Green Area
  • The rest of the day belongs to you. Enjoy the resort or explore Panama.  Make it a casino night, plan a day of shopping or visit Old Town for a bar crawl … Whatever you choose, this is your vacation. So, enjoy it to the fullest!  I will be providing 3 different tours package option for you to choose from.  There will be a separate link created to book and pay for the tours at a later date. 
  • August 5: Grown & Sexy Glow Farewell Party-  Let’s GLOW Farewell Beach Party. This is our last night, so let’s Glow and Light up the Sky 6:00 pm to 10:00pm-  Dress code: Sexy Neon or glow in dark colors -Location Corona Beach
  • August 6: Departure Check out 12:00 noon

**The itinerary is flexible and is subject to change.

Cancellation /Change Policy:

CHANGES & CANCELLATIONS: This trip is NON refundable for ANY reason if canceled by your or if the trip is canceled for non breach of contract. All cancellations or change requests must be sent in writing through your last statement. All changes made after the contract is signed and the deposit is paid will be charged a $100 change fee. The mandatory change fee must be paid BEFORE the change is made. Phone calls and/or text messages will NOT be accepted for ANY change requests on this trip.  Please click on your statement and click on ask a question to make a request. Upon receipt of notification, an email will be sent acknowledging your cancellation or change with instructions. Please be mindful There are no refunds or credits for any reason. 

Terms & Conditions:

CONTRACT TERMS & CONDITIONS.  Please be sure that you have FULLY read the Terms & Conditions BEFORE you decide to sign the contract to join us.  Space is limited 

Disclaimer: Drugs are illegal in Panama. Please note there are 2 security check points at the airport upon arrival and departure of Panama. Caribbean Travel Queen, LLC, Steve Davis Entertainment, Dragonfly Lounge DJ’s and anyone affiliated with presenting the Panama Takeover 2024 trip will not be held responsible if anyone is stopped, detained or fined for importing/exporting illegal devices or drugs, or any other illegal behavior or acts of violence while attending the Panama takeover 2024.

Our Contracted Group rates are from August 2-6, 2024. 

  • We understand that this event and or destination is NOT for Everyone. Panama is NOT the Caribbean and should not be compared to the Caribbean. Panama is a laid back beautiful tropical rainforest with lots to see and do on and off the resort. Panama City has a lively New Orleans style night life with rooftop bar crawls, a huge selection of day and night tours with so much more to explore. Please do your research about Panama to know if this is your vibe BEFORE your reserve your stay.
  • We reserve the right to be selective, If we determine that you are not a fit for our group your deposit will be rejected and refunded immediately after we receive your booking.
  • Caribbean Travel Queen travel agency, Steve Davis Entertainment and Dragonfly Lounge aim to maintain high standards for OUR social group. If your behavior does not meet our standards during the vacation we reserve the right to revoke your wristband and exclude you from our private events while on vacation, This includes but is not limited to excessive drinking that leads to behavior that puts you or other guest in harm’s way, failure to comply with the rules of the resort, including illegal use of drugs, inconsiderate/ rude behavior towards the staff, other travelers and our team members.  
  • Damage to Functional Space- Each individual traveler will be responsible to pay for any damage to the function space, guest rooms or public area that occur while using the facilities. However, you will not be responsible for ordinary wear and tear or damage that can show was caused by a person other than yourself.  Please bring extra cash or a credit card to cover damages.  You will not be able to leave the property until you pay for the damage that you’ve caused.
  • YOU MUST BE 25 OR OVER TO JOIN US. Our event is for mature adults only.
  • Everyone must reserve with Caribbean Travel Queen travel agency ONLY or you will not be a part of our group or participate with any of our group events! Wristbands will be provided at check-in.
  • All rooms are based on availability at the time of booking. If sold out you must book the next available room.
  • Due to strict contractual obligations, This trip is NON REFUNDABLE for ANY REASON. If the trip is canceled by YOU or if you are canceled because you breach the contract by not paying your monthly payments or final payments, you will not receive a refund or travel credit- No exceptions.
  • You have the option to purchase EXTERNAL travel insurance. This is the link https://tinyurl.com/Travel-Insurance-click-here to a receive a quote to purchase insurance from an outside vendor.  If your trip is canceled please submit you claim to the company that you’ve purchased the insurance with. For questions about the insurance policy and coverage you will need to contact the insurance company directly.  You can also choose to purchase trip insurance from ANY independentinsurance company of your choice.
  • We are extending the option for you to pay monthly payments or Pay in full.  If you choose to pay monthly payments the credit card company charges a small credit card transaction fee at the time of each payment/transaction. This mandatory fee is a convenient fee from the credit card processing company and is NOT optional and is NOT charged by Caribbean Travel Queen. If you pay in full we will waive the credit card processing fee ONLY if paid in full at the time of booking. 
  • Monthly payments are divided equally and is based on the cost of your package after your initial deposit. 
  • To join this trip, EVERYONE will be required to turn the autopay on OR Make a monthly payments each month. The monthly payment is not optional.  If an attempt to charge your monthly payment is unsuccessful, you will receive an email to provide a new card. If you do not make a payment on your scheduled date or skip a payment, after the 5th day, a $50.00 late fee will be automatically added to your reservation. If your payment is still not payed after the 10th day your trip will be automatically canceled and all money will be forfeited.  This will be monitored and strictly enforced. 
  • There is a reinstatement fee of $100.00 if your trip is canceled and you wish to reinstate your trip, provided the room is still available.  This reinstatement fee and any past due payments and late fees must be paid prior to reinstatement. Please be mindful of who you are rooming with.  If your roommate voluntarily cancels OR is canceled from your reservation for non payment of the monthly payments, your reservation will be immediately changed to a higher single occupancy rate and you will receive an adjusted higher invoice. 
  • The final payment due date is APRIL 15, 2024. Any reservations not paid in full by the final payment date will incur a late penalty of $200.00 per person on April 16, 2024. This mandatory fee will be automatically added to your invoice. After the fee is charged,  the tripmust be paid in FULL within 15 days, or your reservation will be cancelled and all monies forfeited. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. This will be monitored and enforced for this trip.
  • Registration must be reserved in your FULL NAME as it appears on your passport. Nicknames are not permitted. Any requested name changes/corrections will incur a $100 change fee.
  • If your reservation is a double or triple occupancy reservation, and your roommate (s) withdraws from the trip voluntarily or because of breach of contract, YOU will be changed to the higher occupancy rate unless a roommate is replaced. The name change fee for a new roommate is $100.  Once the mandatory fee is paid on the invoice, the new passenger’s name will be changed.
  • CHANGES & CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations or change requests must be sent in writing through your last statement. All changes made after the contract is signed and the deposit is paid will be charged a $100 change fee. The mandatory change fee must be paid BEFORE the change is made. Phone calls and/or text messages will NOT be accepted for ANY change requests on this trip.  Please click on your statement and click on ask a question to make a request. Upon receipt of notification, an email will be sent acknowledging your cancellation or change with instructions. Please be mindful There are no refunds or credits for any reason. 


  • Click the button below, then choose your desired room. Your roommate must reserve and pay the deposit on the same day, otherwise you must book a single occupancy room.  If changed later you will be charged the mandatory change fee.
  • Select the number of travelers.
  • If you will have a roommate (s) and everyone will be responsible for paying their own invoice and monthly payments, Select 1 traveler on the drop down. Your roommate must do the same and list you as their roommate on the form.  Do not click 2 on the dropdown UNLESS you will be responsible to sign the contract and pay both you and your roommate’s deposit AND monthly payments. Any changes after the contract is signed will incur a fee. 
  • If you will have a roommate(s) and will be responsible for signing the contract and paying the monthly payments click 2 or 3 passengers on the drop down.  Please note in this case the contract will only be between the lead passenger who will be signing the contract and Caribbean Travel Queen, travel agency only.
  • If you are a single traveler and will NOT have a roommate, please click on 1 passenger on the drop down and select one of the “NO roommate, Single occupancy” rooms to receive the correct rates.
  • Enter your information.
  • Sign your contract and pay the required deposit and you’re in!  See you in Panama.
  • Click on the box to turn on auto pay. Remember to attend this trip Monthly payments are mandatory it is not an option. Turning on the autopay is optional, however,  If you do not turn on the auto pay, it is your responsibility to pay your monthly payments. If you forget, your reservation will be subject to fees and cancellation. 
  • If you are adding additional nights please click on the option in extras. An additional $100 is required to add the additional nights.  You will receive an email to confirm the dates and your invoice will be updated accordingly.  

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