Did you know that you can book a romantic weekend getaway or a week long lover’s vacation on any budget?

People often make excuses like “I can’t get off work” or “We’re too busy.” 

First off, I hate to tell you, but if something happens to you your job will hire someone to take your place. Everyone is replaceable. If you’re a business owner your customers will understand if you take a few days off.

Let me show you how you can save money while planning a trip that will give you and your spouse some time alone to get your fire back. Take the time off. Your marriage is worth it!

On a budget

If money is an issue there are several budget friendly ways you can easily cut corners to save up.

Do you eat out for lunch or purchase a cup of coffee every day?  Do you get your hair and nails done biweekly? Or eat out for dinner several nights a week?  These seemingly small purchases add up fast but there are ways you can cut back.  You can cook dinner every night and pack a bag lunch of leftovers from the night before for work the next day.  Try doing your hair and nails yourself for a few months. If you want to look extra cute you can always get them done the day before your trip. 

You can put all the money you were going to spend on these things in a separate account at your bank or withdraw the money and hide it in your home.  You’d be surprised how much you save.


Caribbean Island getaways

Grand Cayman Island is my all time favorite island to just relax, reset, and rekindle with my hubby.  Its beautiful seven mile stretch of uninterrupted beaches and laid back feel make it a lover’s paradise. You can stay in a hotel or rent a beachfront condo but bring a little extra cash.

I also love Jamaica and Cancun.  The great thing about planning a trip to one of these romantic Caribbean islands is you can always find an affordable all inclusive package deal that can save you a lot of money.

My go to destination in Jamaica for reasonably priced getaways is The Riu Resort. It’s all inclusive which means pricing includes rooms, meals, drinks and an assortment of other amenities. It’s also very budget friendly and has something fun for everyone.

In fact, my husband and I renewed our vows at a Riu Resort in Jamaica. If you’d like to experience The Riu Resort for yourself visit their website at www.riu.com. You’ll find plenty of discounts and specials and you can sign up for the Riu Class free rewards card.  After you sign up you’ll get emails with discounts and birthday specials.  If you’d like to sign up through my Reward a Friend program use Riu Class number 91551067. You’ll earn points towards free things like room upgrades and you can use points to get a discount on the rate you pay for your room.

Here are 5 things you can do while you’re in the Caribbean that can save your marriage:

1.  Just book it

Take the first step to save your marriage by booking a trip to a romantic island getaway in the Caribbean. Combine my money saving tips to save money and make arrangements for your trip.

 2. Make it special

Call the hotel in advance and request a bottle of champagne and a fruit platter, or have chocolate covered strawberries sent to your room before you arrive.  Most hotels will be happy to offer this service for free if you let them know you’re celebrating a special occasion.   

If you’re on a budget, there are diy options. You can pack a few candles, bubble bath in a 3oz bottle in your carry on.  I’ve even carefully wrapped a bottle of champagne in bubble wrap and packed it in my checked luggage so that we could use it to help make our trip extra special. You can also find small bottles of champagne and fancy plastic champagne glasses you can wrap and take along with you. Bringing your own bottle isn’t necessary if you’re staying at an all inclusive resort because champagne will most likely be included.

While your spouse is at the pool or beach sneak away and go to the room to set things up. Put on your favorite in the mood music, run a bubble bath, light the candles and pour the champagne. You can even have massage oils ready and throw a few rose petals down. Be creative.  If you can’t sneak away tip your cleaning lady a few extra dollars and she’ll set it all up for you.

3. Book a couple’s massage

You can book your massage to be done at the spa, on the beach or in a your room.  I like to start our getaway off with a couple’s spa.  It’s so romantic and the two of you will be relaxed and ready to fall in love all over again. 

On a budget? No problem. You can pack your own massage oils. Combine several different scents to transform your room into your own little spa. Grab the towels from the bathroom, light candle, put on spa music and take turns giving each other massages. 

4. Plan a romantic dinner on the beach

Sandals Resorts and some others have an option where you can plan a private romantic dinner for two right on the beach with white glove butler service.  You and your spouse can have the perfect date night and begin the process of rekindling the fire in your relationship while you enjoy the view and the sounds of ocean.

Another option is to order in.  Some all inclusive resorts include room service in your rate. You can have them set up a beautiful table next to your window or on your patio.  We’ve even had it set up on our balcony overlooking the beach.  It was very romantic at no additional cost.  You can decorate the table with the ice bucket and bottle of champagne, flowers and even candles.

5. Do something different

Get out of your comfort zone.  Do an activity that your spouse loves that you’ve never found interesting.  Just the thought of him or her teaching you something new will bring you closer. You can also go on a paid excursion like horseback riding or zip lining together to strengthen your connection to one another.

No extra funds? No problem. Hotels offer free activities like paddle boating or snorkeling. Or take a long stroll holding hands on the beach. Doing things as a couple can bring you a step closer to saving your marriage.

Here are a few traveling tips:


United Airlines and American Airlines will let you put down $50 per person if you book a vacation package that includes air and hotel. You’ll have to pay your balance 45 days before your trip. JetBlue lets you make monthly payments until the trip is paid in full.  


When checking into the hotel, always ask if there are any complimentary upgrades. It doesn’t cost a thing to ask. You’d be surprised how many times we’ve been upgraded for free just by asking.


Do you have any great suggestions for things to do to make a romantic trip more special?  Let’s chat about it in the comments.

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