You’ve found and booked the perfect vacation. Now It’s time to pack your bags. Below is a list of 10 essentials that you should pack for your Caribbean vacation.


1. Medication

Bring all of your prescription medications along with you for the trip. Pack them in your carry-on or keep them in your purse so you’ll have them handy to take when you need them.  You should also consider packing some over the counter medication just in case you get ill.  I always bring ibuprofen, something for upset stomach and an allergy itch medication.


2. Sunscreen or Sunblock

You’ll need to protect your skin when you’re in the Caribbean.  My favorite go to sunscreen to apply to my face is Palmer’s Sunscreen SPF 50 Stick.  It’s portable and priced right at around five dollars a stick.

I also purchase children’s Coppertone Kids Sunscreen SPF 70 to spray all over my body.  You can purchase it for about $11.00 or less. You’ll be sticker shocked by the cost of these items at the gift shop if you forget to pack them. You can either pack it in your luggage or get a 3oz or less tube and bring it in your carry-on.  Either way, be sure to put it in a large Ziplock bag so that you don’t ruin your clothing.  


3 . Bugspray and After Itch Spray

For some odd reason I’m prone to bug bites. My husband and I will be at the same place at the same time and and I will get bites all over my body and he will not get one bite. The annoying itch of insect bites and stings can make vacations difficult to enjoy. Bring bug spray and anti itch spray along with your other toiletries to avoid the discomfort they can cause.



4. Sunglasses

I always bring several pairs of sunglasses. Not only are they fashionable but sunglasses protect your eyes against the sun’s uv Rays.



5. Goggles, Snorkel Gear and Water Shoes

Since you’ll be in the Caribbean and will see beautiful colorful fish in the ocean don’t forget to pack all your gear.



6. Swimsuit and Coverups

Bring several swimsuits because, of course, you’ll be on an island and will be doing a lot of swimming and lounging in the sun.  I always bring coverups to wear over my swimsuit.  You will need it when you go in and out of restaurants and the hotel’s lobby areas.



7. Shorts, Tanks, Shirts, Sundresses, Sandals and Long Pants For Men

Most all inclusive resorts have specialty restaurants that require men to wear long pants when dining.  Men can wear shorts to the buffet restaurants but they’re not allowed to wear tank tops. Women should also wear appropriate attire when dining at the specialty restaurants.



8. All White Optional

Some resorts have an all white night and even if they don’t it makes for great photos.  My husband and I like to pack an all white outfit and we find great places to take photos around the resort before we head off to dinner.


9. Water Camera

I normally pack a water camera to take pictures in the pool and the ocean. Some cell phones are waterproof or you can put a waterproof case like the Lifeproof case on it so that you can take pictures underwater.


10. Books And Magazines

When I’m on vacation it’s the perfect time for me to catch up on a good romance novel.  I also pack magazines in my carry-on to read on the airplane.

What are your must have essentials that you pack for vacation?  Let’s chat. Please comment below. 

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